DCEU to Restructure Under New DC Films Division Banner

Warner Brothers is changing the game in the wake of Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice in a big way. While the movie was undeniably not a bomb at the box office for the newly forming DC films universe, the film received a lukewarm reaction from fans and was mostly panned by critics. Seemingly in response, Warner Bros. is now revamping the way it handles its new movie universe.

Comics industry veteran and beloved writer Geoff Johns, the current Chief Creative Officer for DC and Warner Bros. executive Jon Berg will now head up the newly formed DC Films division. They will work from the two ends of the spectrum as a seasoned film producer and comics creator to create a cohesive vision for the DCEU. The creative control over the individual films will remain in the hands of directors in keeping with DC’s director-driven approach. Johns will remain at DC and will still report to them while Berg will still report directly to Warner.

While we wait to see what Suicide Squad, DC’s next big offering in their movie universe, has in store and wether it sways more fans toward the Warner Bros. and DC-generated blockbusters there is no waiting on the executive side of the fence.  BvS pulled in an impressive $868 million to date which, unfortunately for DC, leaves them to play second fiddle yet again to Marvel’s own Captain America: Civil War which is sitting on $942 million after only 12 days.

While its clear that DC has a distinctly different vision for their film universe than the firmly established Marvel studios, DC has no intention of coming in second place. They are already making strong moves to bring their films under two visionaries that have an eye for their respective fields and will, presumably, put their own distinctive marks on the overarching world that Warner and DC are attempting to create. Whether that mark leads DC to the endgame they are hoping to reach or how Suicide Squad will affect their efforts when it hits theaters in August remains to be seen. What is clear is that DC is dedicated to making the films that their fans want to see and while BvS may have let out more of a whimper than a roar for the studio it has only inspired DC to improve.


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