DC News Wrap-Up 11/7/12

Big announcements coming from the DC publishing office this week.

DC released the title for another Before Watchmen tie in book, Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill. The one shot will feature a story about Dollar Bill, one of the heroes from the Minutemen. Dollar Bill did appear in the original Watchmen series when mentioned in Hollis Mason’s book, Under the Red Hood. Dollar Bill was a corporate sponsored heroes who died a tragic death best suited for those with a sense of dark comedy.

DC Also announced new titles for February. Bird of Prey’s Katana and Justice League of America’s Vibe will both get solo series. Katana will be written by current Catwoman writer Ann Nocenti with art by Alex Sanchez. Vibe will be written by Andrew Kreisberg, creator of Arrow, and artist Pete Woods. Both characters will also appear as part of the team up for the debut issue of Justice League of America, which will also hit stands in February.

Speaking of Justice League of America, DC also announced that Justice League of America will get an unprecedented 52 variant covers. Each of the variant covers will be state specific covers (with the 51st and 52nd reserved for Puerto Rico and Washington, DC.) that will showcase various “elements” of each state. Each book will be available in even distributions, meaning that none of the 52 variant covers will require a specific ordering threshold, such as 10:1 or 25:1, that has been the standard for previous and current variant incentive covers.

For space enthusiasts, and those who always wondered where Krypton was located, DC worked with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson to find a star that would be used as the home solar system for Krypton and Superman. Tyson is the current Director of the Hayden Planetarium and was instrumental in getting the debate going for the reclassification of Pluto as a planet. Tyson will appear in the back up story for Action Comics #14 where he helps Superman locate where Krypton is located in the night sky. The star is designated LHS 2520 and is located approximately 27.1 light years away from earth. Action Comics #14 goes on sale Nov 7.