DC Entertainment Launches SUPER HERO GIRLS Initiative

The failure of most mainstream media companies to offer much in the way of content or product targeted towards young female consumers has been a topic of much discussion in the geek-o-sphere over the last year or so. It now appears that DC Entertainment, at least, has gotten the hint and is looking to address it in a big way with DC SUPER HERO GIRLS.

Super Hero Girls Logo

DC announced on Tuesday that it is partnering with Mattel to launch the new, female-centric content and product initiative. Super Hero Girls will be focused focused on DC’s leading female super-heroes (such as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl) and villains such as Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

In a press release on the company blog, DCE laid out their plan for a threefold strategy. The approach includes a broad product line to be sold at Target which will include costumes as well as toys and other merchandise. The digital portion of the strategy includes an app to be released in March, and a series of animated shorts which will be released though Cartoon Network’s digital app. From a traditional broadcast perspective, the Super Hero Girls shorts will appear on Turner’s BOOMERANG! network.

This shift in focus is something which fans have clamored for to no avail for some time, but now it appears that the tide has begun to turn in favor of geek girls everywhere. Whether or not this shift represents a sustained effort by mainstream comic book publishers to draw in new female fans remains to be seen. If indeed DC is fully committed to providing its incredibly vocal female fanbase with the content and merchandise which they’ve called for, it can’t help but be good for the industry as a whole. When the “Big Two” publishers are healthy and producing work which fans enjoy the general perception of the industry is improved, something which raises its profile among outsiders. With monthly comics in general seeing a sales slump in 2015, any initiative which looks to improve the long-term health of the industry deserves to be regarded with serious attention.

SOURCE: DC Entertainment

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