David S. Goyer Discusses Future DC Cinematic Universe


IGN was able to sit down and discuss several topics with the extremely busy producer/writer/director David S. Goyer about DC’s cinematic future. Back in October 2013, Goyer signed on with Warner Brothers for a three-year deal under his Phantom Four banner, which would produce some of his own original scripts. An agreement that was seen by some as a move by WB to keep Goyer in house to shepard their DC Comics properties to film.

Their discussion appeared to be focused on the recent premier of Goyer’s STARZ vehicle Da Vinci’s Demons, but the conversation meandered from his involvement in the various DC movie properties in development to his current slate of TV work.

Some of the highlights included that when asked whether DC’s growing TV presence would impact future cinematic development, Goyer responded: “Warner Bros. would love to make their universe more cohesive. There have been a lot of general conversations about that, but it’s really, really early.”

Goyer goes on to express little of DC’s future plans, but he does acknowledge his open admiration for Marvel’s approach that has resulted in a Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man being produced properties.

Goyer also noted that “It’s really hard to create a brand, I mean, where people will follow your brand,” possibly suggesting that DC might be struggling with this very notion to take advantage of a shared universe.

Not much in the way of news, but it is interesting that Goyer offers up that DC might be interested in creating a more “cohesive” universe between its properties.

Does it sound as if DC will ever get its ducks in a row?