Dave McKean tackles WW1 through surrealism in BLACK DOG

BDDPN FC SOL-thumb-700x944-427235Dark Horse has announced a new series from Dave McKean, named Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash. The original graphic novel is set to blend elements of surrealist painter Paul Nash‘s life with firsthand accounts of World War 1. The story will be presented as a series of surreal dreams, dealing with human psychology through Nash’s own imagination and work.

As can be seen in a special preview by Paster Magazine, the art will embrace the wonders and horrors that lay dormant in a man’s psyche, and will see how extreme situations change people forever. It will embrace the fantastical elements of Nash’s own work to see how we deal with the pain of experiencing war and horrifying situations.

The original graphic novel Black Dog: The Dreams of Paul Nash will debut on October 5th 2016, and will include a limited print signed by McKean on an exclusive plate. The book by the Harvey award winning artist can be pre-ordered from your local comic shop now.


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