Could we be meeting Jay Garrick in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow?

photoInstagram user @dclivefeed recently posted an interesting bit of information on the newly announced, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

The Instagram user pointed out a bit of material from the newly released trailer for Legends of Tomorrow (below), something so small most fans probably missed. If you take a look at the photo (right) you can see bellow what is assumed to be a time travel machine, is Jay Garrick’s very own winged tin helmet!

For those not familiar with Garrick, he’s the Flash from an alternate universe working with the Justice Society. Although Garrick has made appearances in Justice League and Flash comics in DC’s main universe before, it should be interesting how the team at CW is planning on bringing him into Legends of Tomorrow.

This is only this writers speculation, but with Barry Allen depicted as the Flash already in this universe, I can only assume that something is going to go wrong with the time machine, that the group of heroes use, like any other TV show or movie that has any relevance with time travel.

This is only speculation of course. The CW has done some interesting things so far with Arrow and The Flash, and maybe the creative team behind Legends of Tomorrow might even bring another speedster into the current CW DC universe. Only time can tell!