Comic Book Movie Buzz: Is Matt Damon Considering Playing Aquaman?!

The Wrap is reporting that rumors have long been floating that Warner Bros. and Ben Affleck have been trying to get Matt Damon to play Arthur Curry in their version of the newly announced Justice League movie. Of course, Affleck and Damon are best known for starring in and writing Good Will Hunting, which won them Oscars for best original screenplay.

As we previously reported, sources close to the project have said that Jason Mamoa has been cast as the DC hero, but WB/DC have yet to confirm any reports.

The rumor about Damon playing Aquaman seems fantastical, especially after rumors swirled that he might portray Robin to Affleck’s Batman. Those rumors were quickly squelched by Damon himself. However, knowing how close he is to Affleck, and his previous interest in the source material (Damon was a finalist to play Robin in Batman Forever), makes one take pause (or maybe not).

Damon and Affleck are also working together to bring another DC property to the big screen with an adaption of Sleeper. Sleeper is a noir fantasy comic book serieswritten by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Sean Phillips and Jim Leethat was published from 2003-05. The series revolves around Holden Carver, a law enforcement operative who goes undercover in order to infiltrate a dangerous organization, led by the WildC.A.T.s comic book series antagonist, TAO. As far as his superpowers go, Holden (a.k.a. ‘The Conductor’) has been physically fused with an alien artifact, which gives him an incredible healing ability; not to mention, the capability to absorb, store and transfer pain to others.  Sleeper is being written by Shawn Ryan (creator of The Shield) and David Wiener (The Killing).

So, as far as rumors go, let’s mark this under pure speculation by fanboys at this point. We will now it more serious once we move to pure speculation by industry insiders.

Justice League is reportedly set for release May 5 or 6, 2017.