Comic Book Market Maven: Marvel Kicks Off Five-Week July With Bang

This week sees the start of July, and with it a five-week month (that is, a month with five Wednesdays in it), meaning the various comic book companies have to spread their usual fare out amongst five weeks instead of four and/or pump out extra content to fill that fifth week. Let’s take a look at week one’s offerings.

The Big Two


Marvel starts off the month with its biggest book, the latest issue of Original Sin, which is most likely to be the #1 book overall for the month. Beyond that, this week sees the beginning of Marvel’s prep for the early August release of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, as they roll out several GoG-related issues and trades this week, including “Rocket Raccoon #1.” This week also sees the release of “Deadpool vs. X-Force #1.” The former makes money for Marvel wherever he goes, and pairing him up with an X-related team is a no-brainer, sales-wise.

DC counters Original Sin with Superman Unchained which, when it’s published, is one of DC’s top selling books, and, of course, the weekly issue of Batman Eternal. Outside of that, it’s a quiet week for DC, with new issues of Batman/Superman and Green Lantern likely to round out their list of top sellers for the week.

The Independents


Boom! Studios is taking a page from Marvel’s book and hoping to begin the long month on a strong note, as it releases the third issue of Woods and the second issue of Big Trouble in Little China. Sales numbers for June haven’t been released yet, but the first issue of Big Trouble reportedly did quite well for Boom!; it’ll be interesting to see how much the second issue drops off. Boom! also continues to ride ’80s nostalgia this week with the first issue of a new licensed Robocop series. All together, it should give the company a big July start.

The other independents are taking a quieter tack. It’s big week for trades at Dark Horse, with “Angel and Faith Season 10 #4” being their sole notable release. IDW is similarly trade-heavy, while Image goes for a one-two punch with “East of West #13,”  and “Southern Bastards #3”, two sure-fire top 5 series for the company.

Comic Book Market Analysis

Marvel will take the top spot with Original Sin, though if Superman Unchained returns to comparative numbers as the last issue, DC won’t be far behind. Market share for the week is a toss-up, but, as ever, give the edge to Marvel as they tap into the latest Marvel Studios release. Meanwhile, Boom! Studios will likely have its biggest week of the month as everyone else is relatively quiet, though expect Image to land the best-selling indie book of the month nonetheless.