Comic Book Market Maven: Marvel & DC Come Out Swinging

It’s week four of five and both Marvel and DC aren’t waiting to for the end of the month to release their two biggest books!

The Big Two


DC starts the week off with the one-two punch of “Batman #33” (the last issue of which somewhat surprisingly took the top spot in June) and the John Romita Jr.-led “Superman #33,” which found its last issue land in the overall top 10 for the month. Even with some Superman attrition caused by the departure of anyone just checking out the first issue of the new run, those two books alone should give DC a healthy week.

Marvel counters by releasing a new issue of their number-one best-selling series, Amazing Spider-Man, which fell to Batman last month but remained the number-two overall book for June. They back it up with a new issue of Deadpool and “Original Sin #5.2.” Will this month’s Spidey be able to best the Bat and retake the number-one spot?

The Independents


After a quiet week, Dark Horse releases a pair of new issues from perennial top 10 series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 and Star Wars Legacy, while IDW builds around a new issue of the spinoff My Little Pony series, Friends Forever, and the second issue of the Turtles in Time limited series, the first issue of which did well for the publisher, comes at number five overall. This week also sees the release of “Ragnarok #1,” a new series from IDW that marks Walt Simonson’s return to the world of Norsemen. It’s one to watch this week, as the presence of Simonson could very well place the series near the top of IDW’s sales charts.

Image, meanwhile, takes a page from the Big Two this week, releasing a trio of top 10 titles, including the return of Velvet, “Trees #3” from Warren Ellis, and its overall number-two book, Saga. All together, they should account for Image’s best non-Walking Dead week of the month.

Comic Book Market Predictions

DC will take the number one spot and overall market share, but it’ll be a close contest thanks to the presence of Amazing Spider-Man.