Comic Book Market Maven: Debuts from DC & Image Look to Make Splash

It should be a week of solid contention for independent publishers as the Big Two lay back.

The Big Two


It’s another relatively quiet week in the comic market for the Big Two, with both companies mostly releasing a wave of mid-tier titles rather than many top sellers. The big book of the month will likely come from DC : “Multiversity #1,” the beginning of Grant Morrison’s big sprawling adventure through the DC Multiverse.

Marvel doesn’t really have a single title to counter it with, instead releasing new issues of consistent-but-not-outstanding-selling titles, including “Daredevil #7,” “Iron Man #9,” and Avengers (both New and Secret).

The Independents


Boom! Studios releases a new issue of its second-best selling series Adventure Time this week, while Dark Horse releases new issues of its number-2 overall series from July (Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10) and its number-4 series, the final issue of the Darth Maul limited series Son of Dathomir. Over at IDW, this week sees the release of “My Little Pony: Friendship Forever #8,” which should be its number one book for the week, as well as the second issue of X-Files: Year Zero. The first issue eked into IDW’s top 10 for July, just ahead of the Star Trek ongoing series; if the first issue attrition is small, it may be able to stay there.

Image releases “The Wicked + Divine #3” this week. However, its most notable release is likely that of “Fade Out #1,” the first issue of the first series created as part of Ed Brubaker’s and Sean Phillips’s five-year development deal with Image. With their previous collaborations remaining critical and commercial successes, it seems likely Image may have another hit on their hands.

Comic Book Market Analysis

“Multiversity #1” has an easy claim to the number-1 spot for the week, but Marvel will likely edge out DC in comic market share. Meanwhile, keep an eye on Fade Out, as this week it could land near the top.