Comic Book Market Maven: Big Books from Marvel and Image Lead the Week

The third week of June looks to find Marvel staking a claim to the #1 book of the week, while Image sees the return of one of its most talked about new series.

The Big Two


It’s a quiet week for DC, with the latest issue of the weekly Batman Eternal as well as a new Harley Quinn the only releases this week that were in DC’s top 10 last month. Beyond that, notable releases are a handful of Batman-family books and a new Wonder Woman, all solid performers but none of them bestsellers.

Marvel, meanwhile, once again has a big week in terms of books released. Original Sin #4 will likely take the top spot, backed up by three new X-titles (Uncanny X-Men, Wolverine and the X-Men, and X-Men), Avengers #31, and new issues of several Marvel NOW books (Daredevil, Elektra, Silver Surfer).



Several of the smaller publishers are releasing some of the biggest books of their month this week. The big news is the return of Sex Criminals from Image, which took some time off between arcs but returns this week with the sixth issue of the series. The last few issues had been selling just under 23K copies per month, easily landing it in Image’s top 10 every month. While time off always runs the risk of diminishing sales, Sex Criminals remains a buzzy, well-regarded series, and there’s no reason it can’t resume sales at that level, if not higher, in its initial return.

Boom! Studios, meanwhile, releases a new issue of Adventure Time, its #1 selling series (also of note: The Woods #1 did well enough to warrant a second printing, on sale this week). IDW releases My Little Pony: Friends Forever #6, the company’s second best-selling series behind the main My Little Pony series. Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 #4 is Dark Horse’s big offering this week, consistently one of its top 5 overall books, as well as the second issue of the new Darth Maul limited series.

Comic Book Market Predictions

For the Big Two, it should be an easy win for Marvel this week, as it will land both the #1 spot with Original Sin and the lead in market share. The book to watch, however, is Sex Criminals #6. Expect the break to create a “first issue” atmosphere for the series’ return, boosting the sales slightly from where issue #5 landed.