Comic Book Market Maven: Batman Battles Spider-Man For The Top Spot

The last week of June should prove to be big, as Marvel and DC both release new issues of their best-selling regular series while Image, IDW and Dark Horse all publish new issues of some of their top series.

The Big Two


This week sees the release of both a new issue of Batman from DC and “Amazing Spider-Man #3” from Marvel. The former is consistently DC’s best-selling regular series, while the first two issues of the relaunched Amazing Spider-Man have broken sales records and established a place atop Marvel’s sales. Based solely on the previous months’ sales, Spider-Man and Marvel should emerge victorious. But while Amazing Spider-Man is clearly a success, it is a new series still establishing a sales baseline. If sales for the third issues are consistent with the second, than it should easily beat out Batman for the top spot this week. However, Batman has been selling 100K+ issues each month since before the beginning of the New 52, and if even marginal attrition for Amazing Spider-Man sets in, it could triumph.

DC is also in a unique position to take the market share crown from Marvel this week, as it also releases a new issue of perennial monthly top 10-dweller Justice League, as well as another issues of Batman: Eternal. There are two books to watch from Marvel though, which could tip the scales in their favor: “Original Sin #3.1” aka “Hulk vs. Iron Man#1,” from a limited series spinoff of Marvels top selling event series, and “Savage Hulk #1,” from a new spin-off series written and drawn by fan-favorite Alan Davis. If the former can even come close to the sales of the parent series and the later approaches the sales of the last #1 issue to feature Hulk (April’s Hulk #1, good for just over 73,500 in sales), then Marvel may very well take the top spot and market share for the month.



IDW releases the latest issue of its best-selling series this week, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #20,” as well as the latest issue of X-Files: Season 10 (good for number four overall from IDW last month), while Image releases “Saga #20,” its best-selling non-zombie series, and “Trees #2,” the first issue of which landed in Image’s May top 5, and has reviewed well enough that the drop off to the second issue should be minimal.

Dark Horse, however, is poised for an even bigger week, with the sixth and final issue of its number one series, Serenity: Leaves on the Wind, as well as new issues of Star Wars: Legacy, Rebel Heist, and Tomb Raider, all of which were in Dark Horse’s May top 10 and accounted for nearly 87,000 in sales.

Comic Book Market Predictions

In the battle of Webslinger vs. Dark Knight, the gap between sales last month is big enough that even if Amazing Spider-Man slips in its third month, it should still best Batman. But expect DC to nab a rare market share win for the week, while Dark Horse makes the most of the final month of its best-selling Serenity limited series.