“Comeback #4”

(w) Ed Brisson
(a) Michael Walsh
Image Comics

Comeback is a science fiction series by Ed Brisson (The Orchard, Murder Book) and Michael Walsh. It revolves around and company known as Reconnect an illegal organization that uses time-travel to reverse the tragedies of the past but for a price. They market themselves as a change for good, but is all as it appears? (It’s not.)

The story so far follows Mark Thomas, an agent of Reconnect, on his current assignment. He was sent to the past to rescue, Kelly Ingram who was killed in an automobile accident sixty-five days ago. Mark is able to rescue the girl but she is “kidnapped” shortly after by Seth, the man who is supposed to be his partner. Mark is eventually able to track them down to a seedy motel. He confronts Seth who quickly explains that he knows some dark and terrible secret about the company (they’re evil) and that completely justifies his actions. Meanwhile the FBI, who apparently have some question for these so-called time traveling heroes, are just outside the hotel and closing in slowly.

This is the fourth issue in the five issue series and things are really starting to get good. Without giving away too much, the whole time travel element of the story is used in a really interestingly way in the current issue. As excited as I am for the last part in this series, I’m really sad to see it go. If you haven’t been reading Comeback so far I highly recommend grabbing the trade when it comes out. I absolutely loved the artwork in this book, it reminds me a lot of Darwyn Cooke especially in DC: The New Frontier. A lot of simple outlines, thick borders, and really well put together frames. The story is a bit slow at times but is overall a great read. The plot bounces around between a few main characters, like the Boss of Reconnect as he’s being interviewed by the FBI, and between the present and the past. I admit that I am a bit of a sucker for science fiction series, but I am very glad I decided to give this book a try.

Comeback is a good sci-fi series. Get the TPB.