Clark Kent to Quit Job at Daily Planet

superman-13-page-7Continuing the trend of releasing major comic book news and spoilers before the comic hits comic book stands, DC has announced that Clark Kent will quit his position as news reporter for the Daily Planet. The event will take place in Scott Lobdell’s first issue of Superman, issue #13. On sale 10/24/12.

Lobdell has had a hand in many things Superman related before taking over writing duties for Superman. Lobdell previously wrote the Superboy title. He will continue to write current titles Red Hood and the Outlaws and Teen Titans. Lobdell will bring with him fellow Red Hood artist Kenneth Rocafort for art duties on the Superman book.

A preview of Lobdell and Rocafort’s debut was printed in many DC books released last week. That preview, including pages that indicate the start of Kent’s departure, are available at this link.