“Chew #32”

(w) John Layman
(a) Rob Guillory
Image Comics

Give Chew a read through or two or five. If you pay close attention to the details, you still won’t get everything that Guillory throws at you in those details.

The thing I enjoy most about each issue of Chew is that a new reader could come along on just about any book and everything they need to get into the series is there on the page. This being the second part of a storyline, we do get some reveals that long time readers have been expecting and waiting for. The delivery for the reveal can be equally enjoyed by first time readers as well, which is a skill that Layman and Guillory are both at blame for.

Agent Chu is still on a very driven path after his sister’s death and very focused on his job. He has a confrontation with his boss that I hope finally settles whatever beef they have for each other. But that interaction is the only heart to heart that we have with Tony in this issue, as he makes a special phone call to his daughter.

We also get a special guest appearance from one of the writers of another Image book within these pages. I have to say that it was one of the most laugh out loud moments when I saw the body that Robert Kirkman was sporting on the walls of Olive’s bedroom. Just don’t laugh too hard yourself and miss the other details in the art that reveal some other interesting developments.

I feel that writing a review for Chew becomes a little repetitive at times. Each issue is just packed with plenty of humor and great storytelling. The creative team shows that they can deliver the goods month in and month out, and this month’s issue continues that trend.