Cape Watch: The Fantastic Four and Flash Try to Recover, Superman’s Origins are Revealed, and Daredevil is Homesick

Welcome to Cape Watch, where we explore the most interesting and/or biggest releases of the week from the Big Two publishers. Without further ado, here’s what to look forward to from DC and Marvel for he week of April 23, 2014.


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“Aquaman #30”

Written by Jeff Parker with art by by Paul Pelletier, “Aquaman #30” features the return of a once-ally of Atlantis, who, after suffering a betrayal, is back for revenge! Or, is he just insane? We’ll find out with this new 52 debut of Hercules!

Aquaman 30 Cover

“Batman/Superman #9”

Grag Pak writes this latest issue of Batman/Superman, with Jae Lee providing the art. The “First Contact” story arc continues here from the events of “Worlds Finest #20”, with Batman, Superman, Huntress and Power Girl battling a grave threat to the entire universe. DC is teasing a big discovery in this issue that will have major consequences in 2014, as Kaizan Gamorra unleashes the means to take down Superman.

Batman-Superman 09 cover

“The Flash #30”

With the old flash team of Brian Buccellato and Francis Manapaul moving over to Detective Comics, this issue features the debut of a new creative team for Barry Allen. Writer Robert Venditti teams up with artist Brett Booth to tell the story of The Flash trying to help Central City recover from the devastating events of the “Forever Evil” storyline.

The Flash 30 cover

“Red Lanterns #30”

Charles Soule (writer) and Alessandro Vitti (artist) bring us this tale of Guy Gardner searching for his Red Lantern ally. On the way, Gardner must deal with Atrocitus, who has his own agenda regarding this fellow rage-powered-ring bearer.

red lanterns #30 cover

“Secret Origins #1”

This first issue of the series that will tell the story of the origins of the New 52’s greatest heroes is written by Antony Bedard with art by Paulo Siqueira. “Secret Origins #1” starts off with the origins of Superman, Supergirl, and Dick Grayson – AKA the first Robin.

secret origins #1 cover

“Superman #30”

With Superman trying to stop Doomsday from rampaging earth’s very heart, the people of Smallvile fall into a sudden, mysterious and ubiquitous coma, while the people of the bottled city of Kandor begin to rise, in this issue written by Scott Lobdell and penciled by Ken Lashley.

superman #30 cover

Marvel Comics

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“Daredevil #2”

Mark Waid (writer) and Chris Samnee (artist) continue their run with issue #2 of Daredevil, as we see Matt Murdock feeling not quite at home in San Fransisco, which is much different than he remembers.

Daredevil 02 cover

“Elektra #1”

Writer Haden Blackman and artist Mike Del Mundo helm this first issue of Elektra. One of the world’s deadliest assassins is back, ready to take a step forward and leave her past behind, and Marvel is promising that everything we know about Elektra Natchios will change!

elektra #1 cover

“Fantastic Four #3”

The fall of the Fantastic Four continues here, as Marvel’s first family deals with one of its members – The Human Torch – being in critical condition, plus: the new and deadly version of the Wrecking Crew, in this James Robinson-written Kirk Leonard-drawn issue.

Fantastic Four #3 cover

“Iron Patriot #2”

Written by Ales Kot with art by Garry Brown, this issue promises the death of James Rhodes, a conspiracy to destroy America, and an unknown force controling the Iron Patriot armor! And if that’s not enough, the cover indicates that Rhody’s armor’s paint job isn’t water-resistant!

iron patriot #2 cover

“Uncanny Avengers #19”

With Kang the conquerer coming to Planet X with a terrible offer, the Uncanny Avengers must reunite to save the earth! Plus, Magneto and his new X-Force team are out for blood, and they’re hunting a certain member of the Summers family, in this issue by writer Rick Remender and artist Acu!

uncanny avengers #19 cover


Asaph Bitner is a staff writer for Capeless Crusader. His other activities include studying for a college degree and dreaming of visiting the Song Of Ice And Fire universe as a future-tech wielding jedi secret agent. You can follow him on twitter at @AsaphBitner.