BOOM! Studios’ Two-Week Humble Bundle Offer Ends Tomorrow

Just under two weeks ago, BOOM! Studios announced via their website that they would be partnering with Humble Bundle to offer an exclusive Humble BOOM! Bundle in which fans pay any amount to download digital comics of select BOOM! titles while also donating to charity. BOOM! has chosen the Comic Book Legal Defense Fun (CBLDF, which you can read more about here) as their chosen charitable beneficiary. Like with most Humble Bundle packages, customers will  have the option to choose how their money will be dispersed between BOOM!, Humble Bundle and the CBLDF. The titles available are:

Curse #s 1-4
Day Men #s 1-3
Dead Letter #s 1-4
Evil Empire #s 1-3
Hit #s 1-4
Imagine Agents #s 1-4
RoboCop: Last Stand Part TP (4 issues)
RoboCop (2014) #s 1-2
Sons of Anarchy #s 1-11
Hacktivist #s 1-4
Mouse Guard: The Black Axe #s 1-6
Planet of the Apes Vols. 1-4 (16 issues)
Six-Gun Gorilla TP (6 issues)
Translucid #s 1-3
The Woods #s 1-3
Bee and PuppyCat #s 1-2
Bravest Warriors Vol. 1 (4 issues)
Lumberjanes #1-4
The Midas Flesh #1-8

The offer ends August 20, aka TOMORROW, so don’t miss your chance to score some of your favorite BOOM! titles at the price you want while also coincidentally donating to a worthy cause.