BOOM! Studios Reveals the Truth Behind #WhoCoveredItUp

If you follow BOOM! Studios on Twitter (@boomstudios) you may have noticed a curious tweet with the mysterious image above along the the attached hash tag #WhoCoveredItUp. Some Twitter users wondered about possible government conspiracies and what the image could possibly mean. In an official press release from BOOM! yesterday, it has been revealed the image is not in fact evidence of a global conspiracy perpetuated by the Illumanti, but instead a viral teaser campaign to get buzz started for an upcoming comic project titled Deep State featuring the creative team of writer Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode) as well as artist Ariela Kristantina (Death of Wolverine). No official release yet date for Deep State, but BOOM! has promised more details about the book will be released in November. You can read more details from the release in below:

Coming in November from Justin Jordan and artist Ariela Kristantina (Death of Wolverine) is Deep State STATE, a new BOOM! Studios ongoing series about John Harrow, a man who works for the U.S. government to ensure the nation’s secrets stay that way—secret. In the first story arc, Harrow recruits a new partner to help him control the fallout after a secret about the 1969 moon landing gets out. And no, it’s not the popular conspiracy theory that some believe the moon landing was faked and created on a sound stage. Rather, it’s something far more sinister and this main cover image by Matt Taylor should tease it a little better:

We did go to the moon, but the highly publicized landing that fateful day in July, 1969 was actually the U.S.’s third mission there. Deep State is perfect for readers who like stories about conspiracy theories, black book operations, and spycraft with a little science fiction thrown in. The truth is out there. These guys just cover it up.



Deep State #1 cover