Best-selling creative team behind BOOK OF DEATH reunite for THE KILL LIST

XO_043_VARIANT_CHOIValiant Comics has announced that Robert Venditti and Robert Gill will reunite for a new event, starting in X-O Manowar #43. The duo made headlines this summer when they propelled Book of Death to become the most successful independent comic book event of the decade. They are returning to Valiant for The Kill List, which sees X-O Manowar team-up with Ninjak on a mission to unearth a hidden group of alien sleeper agents. If they don’t succeed, things may get dire for us all as undercover operations can escalate to all-out war.

In the official press release for the event, editor Tom Brennan said that “THE KILL LIST is a taut international thriller that plays to the strengths of each character and holds some big surprises in store for the whole of the Valiant Universe. Hold on tight, because this team is building towards big things for X-O MANOWAR…and it all starts right here.

The full synopsis for the event reads as follows:

With two kingdoms now under his command, Aric of Dacia has pledged loyalty to his adopted nation – the United States of America – and now…America has given him a new mission: destroy the Vine’s network of humanoid alien agents once and for all. To do it, he’ll have to turn to the one man among us he can trust…his own former enemy, the deadly MI-6 operative called Ninjak!
Meanwhile, the Vine’s most militant warrior, Commander Trill, is readying a counterattack…and what happens next will shake the Valiant Universe to its core. Can X-O Manowar and Ninjak cut their way to the source of this stealth attack before all is lost?

The event will start in X-O Manowar #43, which is hitting shelves on January 6th.




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