Best of 2012

Hello everyone, welcome to the end of the first year of The Capeless Crusader! In celebration of both this and our new website, we’re doing a special highlighting the best of 2012. This is Jay, and I’ll be doing whatever the internet equivalent of MCing is. So not a lot.

Being primarily a commentary site, we decided on a different format than other places. In each category (except Best Publisher), we will each chose our three favorite of each, and then explain our choices. This allows us to better discuss what we liked most about comics this year.

Josh and I wanted to keep it simple and bounced ideas around before settling on eleven categories: ten specific to comic book content and an extra one to acknowledge other events in the industry. After choosing the categories we felt most important, we sent it off to the regular writers and contributors so everyone can get their two cents in. Here are the categories, followed by everyone’s picks.

Best Writer
Who impressed us the most with their overall output.
Best Artist
Whoever did our favorite art, either an individual or team.
Best Ongoing Series
Favorite series that has a regular schedule.
Best Ongoing Series (Superhero)
Because the Golden Globes got it right when they split Drama and Comedy.
Best New Series
It started this year, and should definitely be watched.
Best Mini-Series
The whole series fits in a trade or two.
Best Single Issue or One-Shot
The… best single issue.  Or one-shot.
Favorite Character
Whether they’re new or had a great year, which characters really kept us glued to the page.
Honorable Mentions
Sometimes there’s a really good series or mini that wasn’t necessarily the best in any category, but deserves kudos.
Best Publisher
The company with the best overall output this year.  The pool is smaller in this one, so we only are choosing one each.
Favorite Other Things
From Liefeld burning all the bridges to Marvel NOW!, our favorite things in comics that weren’t necessarily contained in the issues.

Without further ado, Capeless Crusader presents our staff’s Best of 2012!

Best of 2012 – Thom Obarski

Best of 2012 – Colin Hollister

Best of 2012 – Aaron O’Neill

Best of 2012 – David Jetter

Best of 2012 – Jay Gabel