Batman: The Dark Prince Charming Graphic Novel Coming This Winter

Batman is going to get a chance to become a Dark Prince Charming in an all new two-part graphic novel.

DC Comics and Enrico Marini announced a new graphic novel starring the titular Dark Knight and The Joker that promises to change what you know about the Caped Crusader, The Joker and Gotham as a whole.

According to an exclusive report on, there’s a lot more to Batman and The Joker than you ever thought. When The Joker kidnaps a strange young girl connected to both of them, Batman must race against time to save her from the darkest part of Gotham City. Whoever this girl is, they both care very much for her and much like the Prince Charming in fairy tales, Batman must be a hero without scaring the young girl because of his darker edge.

According to DC, things are about to get personal for Batman and The Joker in a way you’ve never seen before.

While Enrico Marini may be new to DC, but he’s certainly not new to comics. The writer is well-known for best-selling French language comics like Gipsy and Eagles of Rome. He brings his signature style to one of the most iconic characters of all time. This will be his first time taking on an iconic mainstream hero like Batman. How he handles the pressure will be intriguing to observe.

As a result, the biggest question about the book is whether Marini will be able to pull it off. Beyond that, what does this young girl mean to these mortal enemies?

In addition, the preview art DC has offered up looks fantastic. ┬áIf Marini’s lives up to his sterling reputation he should perform well.

If you’d like to view a more extended preview, you can out some of the art on here.

Dark Prince Charming is part of DC’s ongoing “Metal” series. For more information on the event, check out a review we did of “Dark Days: The Forge #1” here.

The first book of “Batman: The Dark Prince Charming” is expected to hit stores November 1, 2017. DC plans to release the follow-up book in spring 2018.