Batman: Arkham Knight Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Fall

As is the norm these days, the newest Batman game, Arkham Knight, was discovered through a listing on the website of British retailer GAME. After the critical disappointment of Arkham Origins (among mixed fan reactions as well), it’s nice to see developer Rocksteady returning to the universe it crafted so perfectly in its original two games. It also certainly doesn’t hurt to have a massive cast of villains and the possibility of a fully functional Batmobile to drive around. Adding in the power of next-gen systems might just give us Bat fans the greatest grand finale of them all.

Expect news to slowly trickle in throughout next month’s Game Informer and E3 during the summer. Gamestop has a preliminary release date set for October 14, 2014, but nothing is set in stone.



Alex Smith

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  • I saw October 8th on the estimated release date at my store. Plus if you preorder at gamestop you get an exclusive poster. I already got mine so I’ll show it off later.

  • Alex Smith

    GameStop online and all the news outlets have it reported as Oct 14th. Considering that’s a Tuesday, the traditional day of release, and the 8th is a Wednesday, it seems more likely to be the former.

    I guess we play the waiting game till Warner decides to lock in an actual release. Still surprising it’s releasing so quickly.

    • Wait… DC/WB being unclear as to when things are coming out? Say it ain’t so!