ARROW Star Stephen Amell Crowdsources His Next Charity

Stephen Amell, the star of the CW network’s hit show Arrow, raised over 1 million dollars in 2014 to help fund cancer research through a Facebook-driven campaign called F–k Cancer. Amell’s personal page has over 3.1 million likes, more than six times as many as The March of Dimes. Having seen how much good can be done by leveraging his immense social media influence, the captain of the Arrow crew is reaching out to his fans to figure out where to focus his energy next.

In a Facebook video, Amell asked fans to send their ideas.

“Let’s just say that you had a cause that’s near and dear to your heart. Something similar to F—ck Cancer, something that maybe deals with kids… if you have any ideas, good ideas, interesting ideas, I would like to hear them. We could call this the very very very unofficial launch of our second campaign.”

The full video can be found below.


Josh Epstein

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