Archer & Armstrong One-Shot Coming This Fall

Originally published by Valiant in 1992 then rebooted again by Valiant in 2012, Archer and Armstrong are a comic duo that has stood the test of time with Ain’t It Cool News once stating, “Not since Batman & Robin has a more important duo hit the comic world.” Previously brainwashed cult member and trained assassin Obadiah Archer and drunken, fun-loving immortal Armstrong (Aram Anni-Pada) spend their days breaking up cults, solving conspiracies and saving the world. This fall, our heroes will take a bit of a backseat from the action in a new one-shot from Valiant that will focus on previous foes, the mysterious cult sect known as the One Percent. The One Percent (based on an actual real-life conspiracy theory) are an elite group of Wall Street investors that practice black magic and are said to have made deals with the devil. The book will focus on the villainous members of the group themselves, specifically after a major defeat at the hands of our heroes, with a glimpse into their inner workings and organizational secrets.

Archer & Armstong: The One Percent will feature the creative team of Eisner Award nominees Ray Fawkes (Batman Eternal, Constantine) and Joe Eisma (Morning Glories) and is set to hit stores some time this November. Upon the books release, Valiant will also be offering two limited, special edition covers featuring detachable One Percent bull and bear masks created by artist Rian Hughes.