Al Simmons returns in Image Comics one-shot SPAWN: RESURRECTION

unnamed-2Image Comics new SPAWN series writer, Paul Jenkins, brings back a long lost character, the original Spawn, in his and artist Jonboy Meyers SPAWN: RESURRECTION.

In the upcoming collectable one-shot of SPAWN: RESURRECTION, Jenkins brings back Al Simmons, giving readers a deeper look into Simmons tragic past, five years after he initially put himself in a state of limbo by means of suicide.

Simmons return to the SPAWN title is a mysterious one, as it  still isn’t known as to what is pulling him back form the great beyond. An interesting tidbit of information in a press release from Image was given however. The issue is supposed to feature a special guest: God.

For the ongoing SPAWN series team to take a look into Todd McFarlane’s original Spawn character might be a struggle. Many still hold the old Spawn dear to them (as someone who grew up with the well too mature title I feel the same way), so if something about a character is amiss, you can bet your bottom dollar the internet will explode. But it seem like Jenkins knows what he’s doing, and from the look of the cover of this collectable one-shot, so does Meyers. Simmons looks more badass then ever.

SPAWN: RESURRECTION is set to hit comic stores Mar. 11, then pick up in the current run of SPAWN in issue 251.