‘Adventure Time: Ice King’ #1 review

Written by: Emily Partridge & Pranas Naujokaitis Art by: Natalie Andrewson Publisher: KaBoom Comics
Written by: Emily Partridge & Pranas Naujokaitis
Art by: Natalie Andrewson
Publisher: KaBoom Comics

For the uninitiated, Adventure Time is a animated show on Cartoon Network that follows the adventures of Finn and his best friend Jake in the land of Ooo. The show tells stories of mythical beasts, loving princesses and a hateful king set on finding a submissive mate to rule by his side. This king is a dark wizard with the power to control ice and snow. He is know quite simply as the Ice King.

Adventure Time: Ice King is a six issue mini-series giving the reader a chance to learn more about this amusing adversary of our heroes. As fans of the show will know, Ice King is not really dark and hateful, but more a bumbling loon with a itch he just can’t scratch. He is powerful, but not all that capable. So a mini-series focusing on him certainly has potential to offer some insight into the psychology of this character, while giving the reader an enjoyable adventure.

In the debut issue of this mini-series, the Ice King’s loyal servant Gunther has been kidnapped, and the king goes searching across the land of Ooo in an attempt to find him. We meet several of the characters from the TV show, though little to no time is spent on any of them as the story is quite focused on the Ice King. This makes the story feel a lot more streamlined, as you are not bogged down with countless character introductions and exposition. It might make it a bit less impactful for people that aren’t familiar with the TV show, but it is still an enjoyable experience.

Emily Partridge and Pranas Naujokaitis does a good job at carrying over the personality of the Ice King from the TV show, while expanding on his traits enough to make him a character worthy of his own story. The art by Natalie Andrewson is quite simplistic, which fits well with the feel of Adventure Time. It is not complex or overly populated with extraneous information, which helps the narrative tell a streamlined story.


Overall, Adventure Time: Ice King #1 takes our titular character on an interesting adventure, which fits his character quite well. The writing does a good job at expanding on the traits and personality of a well-beloved character, while the art makes you feel well at home in his story. The decision to allocate the majority of resources to the Ice King makes the story feel focused and  on-point, however this might make it a bit hard for people that aren’t familiar with Adventure Time to get as much enjoyment from this comic as fans of the show/comics. The first issue does show a lot of potential for the next issues, and it will be interesting to follow this story as it progresses.

Adventure Time: Ice King #1 earns a cool 7 out of 10. 

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