REVIEW: Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #4

Writers:  Kent Osborne, Dylan Haggerty

Artist:  Mad Rupert

Publisher:  Kaboom!


Writers: Kent Osborne and Dylan Haggerty Artist: Mad Rupert Publisher: Kaboom! $3.99

WOW!  There was a lot happening in “Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #4”.  I was expecting something pretty straight forward, like in the issues that preceded this one. Kent Osborne and Dylan Haggerty took me on a roller coaster ride.  I had to read this issue a few times to fully grasp what was going on.  And if that’s true, I’m not sure how a kid is supposed to follow this story line.  We jump back and forth between groups of people multiple times; the only common thread amongst it all is their frustration with The Commandant.  I can understand everyone having their own problems with The Commandant. The other guards are worried he’ll replace them. Princess Bubblegum, however, wants to replace The Commandment but even then there are some issues with her plans, due to unexpected events.

The only thing I actually enjoyed about this issue was the artwork.  There was a nice silhouette of a lemon at the mention of Lemonblack.  It was subtle, but a nice touch.  I also like the array of facial expressions we see from Peppermint Butler, especially when he’s talking with Princess Bubblegum about Lemonblack.  I also noticed that a lot of the time Peppermint Butler’s text is in all lowercase.  I’m not sure why that is? It makes no sense to me when clearly he’s exclaiming something.


I wasn’t really a fan of this issue. Adventure Time is something I read for enjoyment because it’s usually light-hearted. This issue was just frustrating to read. I wish it would have been simplified a little more, given their target audience is children. If as an adult I can’t follow the story line without a few read throughs, then I don’t know how they expect a young kid to understand. The art is still enjoyable. Mad Rupert never disappoints me in that respect.

Yes, this is a mini-series with six issues total. It just feels like they crammed too much information into one issue. I’m sure they could have written this as two separate issues. I hope that with issues five and six the story flows a little better. I don’t think I could handle another issue with that much information. It should be tapering off and tying up loose ends. All I’ve done is walk away with more questions.

“Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #4” earns 4/10

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