ADVANCE SCOUT: Five Independent Comic Picks for This Week (2/25/15)

Each week here at Capeless Crusader, we select a group of creator-owned and independent comic books which are deserving of our readers’ attention. These books represent some of the best work being offered outside of the comics mainstream.


"Black Hood #1" (w) Duane Swierczynski (a) Michael Gaydos   Red Circle (Archie) $3.99
Black Hood #1″
(w) Duane Swierczynski
(a) Michael Gaydos
Dark Circle (Archie)

Black Hood #1 (Archie)

As one of the first foray into the world of masks on some time for Archie comics as a part of their Dark Circle imprint, the new Black Hood ongoing series marks a major turning point for the publisher. While they’ve managed to somewhat shed the perception of being a kids-only company with the publication of such dark titles as Afterlife with Archie, going head-to-head in the crowded realm of super heroes represents a challenge for one of America’s oldest comic book companies.








"Suiciders #1" (w/a) Lee Bermejo Vertigo $3.99
“Suiciders #1”
(w/a) Lee Bermejo

Suiciders #1 (Vertigo)

In a series which promises to be equal parts Escape from LA and Gladiator, standout artist Lee Bermejo is finally getting a chance to strut his stuff. His inevitably beautiful art will be paired with his first professional entry into writing in Suiciders, a new series from DC’s Vertigo imprint.

If Bermejo can deliver a story on bar with his skill as an interiors man, then this series should be a sight to behold.








"D4VE #1" (w) Ryan Farrier (a) Valentin Ramon IDW Publishing $3.99
“D4VE #1”
(w) Ryan Farrier
(a) Valentin Ramon
IDW Publishing

D4VE #1 (IDW)

Slice of life stories are tricky to pull off in any medium, and even more so in sequential graphic storytelling, which often relies on dynamic, fast-paced action to drive the narrative. In D4VE, Ryan Farrier is attempting to do just that by couching the problems of a mundane life in a fantastical science fiction wrapper.

If he and collaborator Valentin Ramon are able to pull it off, and if D4VE’s story resonates on the personal level it has the potential to, IDW could have a real hit on their hands.








"Howtoons [Re] ignition Vol 1" (w) Fred Van Lente (a) Tom Fowler Image Comics  $9.99
“Howtoons [Re] ignition Vol 1”
(w) Fred Van Lente
(a) Tom Fowler
Image Comics

Howtoons [Re] Ignition Vol 1 (Image)

The first volume of Howtoons was a fantastic journey into the realm of creativity which many people lose touch with as they exit childhood.

The best thing about this series is not that it features child protagonists who solve problems with wit and invention, but that it will inspire the kids (and more adventuresome adults) who read it to raid their kitchen drawers and garbage cans for the odds and ends necessary to channel their own inner Macguyver.

If you have kids at home who you’re encouraging to read comics, or if you just love building rubber-band machine guns, this is a book you should be picking up.






"Prince Valiant #1" (w) Nathan Cosby (a) Ron Salas IDW Publishing $3.99
Prince Valiant #1″
(w) Nathan Cosby
(a) Ron Salas

Prince Valiant #1 (Dynamite)

When it comes to mining long-dormant intellectual property, few publishers do it better than Dynamite. When it comes to crafting stories which the young and young-at-heart will love, few writers do it better than Nate Cosby (Cow Boy).

In returning Prince Valiant, a character who appeared in comic strip form for almost sixty years beginning in 1937, Dynamite’s choice of creative team couldn’t be stronger. While there has been a boom in comic books geared towards younger readers in recent years, launching a series in the sword-and-sorcery realm (a genre typically known for its beefcake heroes and scantily clad heroines) is a bold venture for the independent publisher.








Thanks for reading this week’s Advance Scout1 If you liked the choices, or thought we left something remarkable off of the list, sound off in the comics. 

See you next week!


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