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Each week, the Capeless Crew picks out those books that we think are most worthy of your dollars and attention. These books are chosen based on a variety of qualities, including relevance to real-world issues of the day, their sheer excellence as examples of the medium and often with an eye towards the importance of a given book within the context of the comics industry.


We took a brief hiatus last week, as it was a relatively slow one in terms of solid books coming out, but this week we’re back with some solid choices which range from mainstream to indie, some old favorites and some new entries.

There will be some changes coming to this feature soon, based largely on some of the feedback we have received from you, our readers, so be sure to keep checking back in coming weeks!


1. “T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1”


After spending nearly forty years bouncing from publisher to publisher, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents appear to have found a home at IDW, which is rapidly developing a reputation as where stale titles go to be reborn.

Tasked with delivering the title is veteran scribe Phil Hester, who indicated in early interviews his intent to utilize the core original team and to set the title in a “timeless now” not unlike that of Batman: TAS.

If you have enjoyed Hester’s recent work on Invincible Universe, this is a title to look forward to. Hester has shown superb skill when writing continuity-light superhero fare, and T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents should provide him an opportunity to play in a sandbox all his own.



2. “East of West #5”


We have steered clear of pushing this title too much, largely because there is a limit to how much Jonathan Hickman one page can take. That said, East of West is rapidly approaching its conclusion and, like most of Hickman’s work, is getting into the breathtaking action of the story as it speeds to the finish line.

If you haven’t been picking this series up, you are almost guaranteed to be lost at this point, but if you have a chance to pick up back issues on ComiXology, the final act is sure to be worth watching.




3. “Batgirl #23”


As Barbra struggles dealing with her double life, Commissioner Gordon seeks vengeance for his son’s killer: his daughter. With Simone at the helm this is sure to be a gut wrenching character piece as well as the start of a new arc—a perfect jumping in point!




4. “Infinity #1”


As a sure sign that summer is rapidly drawing to a close, Marvel Comics is launching their final event of the season, Infinity.

In our second installment of “Jonathan Hickman Is Awesome,” we’ll definitely recommend picking this up. Not only is it sure to have lasting repercussions on the Marvel Universe, but it marks the first time in his career that Hickman has been given the reins of an event which touches every corner of that universe. As a milestone, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. Successfully executing this event would cement Hickman as Marvel’s answer to Geoff Johns, making him officially one of the most important and powerful creators in the industry. With DC in the midst of delivering a one-two combo punch with Trinity War and Forever Evil, the summer event season comes down to this.


5. Right State TPB

rightstatetpbRight State is a political thriller wherein an ex-special forces agent turned conservative pundit must infiltrate a militia group conspiring to assassinate our nations second African-American president, billed as “an adrenaline fueled race against time to stop a President from dying and a country from being ripped apart.” This is an OGN we’re really excited about!


EXTRA: When this was first released in hardback, publisher Josh Epstein got a chance to ask writer Mat Johnson 5 Questions about Right State, so be sure to check that out!



This week’s picks are a veritable cornucopia of comics awesomeness. These titles represent some of the best working creators in the industry, and every title has either tremendous promise or a solid history behind it. There’s a little something for everyone, from politics to super heroes and even some sci-fi/western/horror. Hopefully you’ll add at least a couple of these to your weekly pull list.


Thanks for checking out ADVANCE SCOUT! Be sure to check back next week for more recommendations, and don’t forget to share the link below!

Josh Epstein

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