ADVANCE SCOUT: 6 Indie Comics to Look for This Week (3/4/15)

Each week here at Capeless Crusader, we select a group of creator-owned and independent comic books which are deserving of our readers’ attention. These books represent some of the best work being offered outside of the comics mainstream.


Cluster #2

Cluster #2 CoverWhat Ed Brisson and Damian Couciero have been doing with this title is something special. The Dirty Dozen – meets – Starship Troopers vibe has resonated well with audiences, with the first issue already selling out and returning for a second printing.

The concept is great, the art is stellar, and the writing is Brisson doing some of his best work.

If you’re behind, don’t worry, because the second printing of the first issue is set to hit shelves this week as well.

Definitely a title you should look for.



Feathers #3

Feathers #3 CoverDespite (or perhaps as a direct result of) Jorge Corona handling both writing and art on this book, it has been a revelation. It’s family friendly, beautifully crafted, and features a protagonist in Poe who almost begs to be translated to other forms (like a plushie in your favorite child’s bedroom).

This series has received rave reviews, and for good reason. The fact that it comes from Archaia Press also means that it is one of the best-packaged indie titles on shelves, with a gorgeous prestige format that makes it feel even more substantial than it is.

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Lady Killer #3

Lady Killers #3 CoverNoelle Stevenson and Joelle Jones have created a real winner in Lady Killer, something which it’s terrific sales only reinforce.

It’s protagonist, Josie, has been a master class in deconstructing gender tropes while still providing a driving narrative, which has earned Lady Killer widespread praise.

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Descender #1

Descender #1 CoverIt has seemed over the last year or so that Jeff Lemire simply can’t miss. In what appears to be a quest to become comics’ next great creator, he ha risen from the humble success of Sweet Tooth to have fantastic runs for DC, Marvel, and is now looking to cross the media barrier.

How robots handle the world seems to be a popular trope this year, and seeing how Lemire handles it in the context of what the publisher calls “a sprawling space opera” should be interesting, to say the least.

Descender has already been optioned by Sony Pictures in advance of the first issue’s release, so this issue is sure to draw interest from the speculator crowd, who will hope that a strong box-office performance will drive the resale value of the series itself through the roof. From a dollar value perspective, Descender is a real winner. At only $2.99 for 30 pages, it is one of the best bangs readers can get for their buck.

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Big Man Plans #1

Big Man Plans #1 CoverWhen Eric Powell (the creator of the legendary Goon) comes out with new work, fans of really good comic books should sit p, pay attention, and rush out to grab it. When that work features the idea of disenfranchised “little people” trying to carve out a piece for themselves in an unfriendly world, socially-minded readers should follow them.

Eric Powell. Populism. Go read this book.





HaloGen #1

HaloGen #1 CoverReuniting an Eisner-nominated creative team like Josh Tierney and Afu Chan (who previously worked together on Spera) is pretty much a recipe for success.

When taking that approach on a science-fiction title centered around a female lead’s search for a murdered god, fans of the genre and awesome ladies should be flocking to pick up a book like HaloGen.

That the book is being released by Archaia Press all-but guarantees that it will be of extremely high physical quality, and if Tierney and Chan can match or even exceed their success on Spera, this title should be deserving of a prominent place on any good indie comic fans pull list.





Thanks for reading this week’s Advance Scout! If you liked the choices, or thought we left something remarkable off of the list, sound off in the comics. 

See you next week!


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