ADVANCE SCOUT: 5 Indie Comics Picks For This Week (5/6/15)


Each week here at Capeless Crusader, we select a group of creator-owned and independent comic books which are deserving of our readers’ attention. These books represent some of the best work being offered outside of the comics mainstream.


Arcadia #1

"Arcadia #1" (w) Alex Paknadel (a) Eric Scott Pfeiffer BOOM! Studios $3.99
“Arcadia #1”
(w) Alex Paknadel
(a) Eric Scott Pfeiffer
BOOM! Studios
Checking out the debut of new creators is sometimes a tricky prospect. For every Ales Kot, there’s a dud in the making which can make readers feel as if they’ve wasted their money.

From first glance, it looks like Arcadia will be an instance of the former, rather than the latter.

Writer Alex Paknadel has developed a concept which seems equal parts The Matrix and The Day After Tomorrow, something which would make any Hollywood exec raise their eyebrows. If the idea of the vast majority of humanity surviving in digital form after a pandemic while the survivors in the real world struggle to keep generating enough power to keep the system online sounds intriguing then your interest should only be increased by what looks to be stellar art from fellow newcomer Eric Scott Pfeiffer.

In an indie comics market filled with long shots, Arcadia is definitely worth a gamble.

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Josh Epstein

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