Advance Review: “Veil #2” Are you Comfortable with This?

[w] Greg Rucka [a] Toni Fejzula Dark Horse Comics $3.50 Releases: April 2nd, 2014
Greg Rucka
Toni Fejzula
Dark Horse Comics
Releases: April 2, 2014
What is Veil? It’s this creepy-with-creepy-art comic about a woman who wakes up in a subway (probably from death) with something obviously wrong with her. She’s not right and confused somehow. She stumbles through the big city naked. She is saved by Dante, a man who just tries to get her clothed and fed. This is where the story begins.

We readers have no idea why she woke up in the subway and no idea what’s going on with her, why she rhymes everything and keeps saying “It hurts.”

Let me tell you a little more about Dante. He seems like the only decent human being in this story so far, even counting Veil. He tries to help her figure out what’s going on and even tries to feed her. He’s also the only male that hasn’t tried to assault her yet. In two issues there have been two attempts by two vastly different types of people on assaulting Veil. I want to know what gives? It’s very concerning for me, especially for the third issue. I’m hoping third time is not a charm on this topic.

I really respect Greg Rucka’s talent and I will read the next installment, but honestly I hope it doesn’t go any farther than this with it. Horror is horror and I’m okay with that; I’m even okay if this goes farther than I’m willing to deal with. I just won’t be around to read what happens after it. Regardless of my fears, this seems solid. Read it, enjoy it. And I guess, wait to see if I can finish it.

Verdict: 5/10