ADVANCE REVIEW: “Skyman #1” Has Potential But Needs a Twist

"Skyman #1" (w) Joshua Hale Fialkov (a) Manuel Garcia Dark Horse Comics $2.99
“Skyman #1”
(w) Joshua Hale Fialkov
(a) Manuel Garcia
Dark Horse Comics

The government has suffered a terrible embarrassment at the hands of a former Skyman who happened to be racist on this little thing called the internet. Scrambling to put a positive spin on the formerly secret program of Skyman, they chose a now handicapped war hero who just happens to be black. What is a Skyman? Apparently it’s a solider with a high tech suit that allows for healing, defense, and best of all, flying!

Skyman is a spin off of Captain Midnight by Dark Horse. It most definitely feels like a spin off too. As I have not read Captain Midnight, I’m assuming that I’m missing out on a lot of backstory and reasons for all the conflict in this new number one. Based off the first issue, I’m leaning towards reviewing this as just a mediocre story. But I’m going to say that with reservations. I think that there is the potential that this can become something awesome. I think choosing someone just because of their ethnicity is going to wind up a huge slap in the face later on. He is probably going to surpass their expectations and either become another Superman type crime fighter or he’s going to turn on the organisation and become more than they can handle. I hope it’s the latter.

In regards to the art style: I was completely satisfied. No complaints there!


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