Advance Review: “Monster & Madman #2” Life’s tough, Get a Serial Killer

Monster & Madman #2 Steve Niles Damien Worm  IDW  $3.99
“Monster & Madman #2”
Steve Niles
Damien Worm
IDW $3.99

So far my prediction is right. Frankenstein (from this point to be known as Frank) is not the monster of this tale even though he is a patch-work creature.

We start the installment off with Frank in Jack’s house. He hears people and decides to join them in the city for the first time. He is accused of being a monster and a killer just based on his looks.

That’s where Jack comes in. He offers a retreat from the city and its harsh words.

To me, this seems like a cliched romance movie. The two main characters meet just when one of them is experiencing something overwhelming (in rom-coms they would bump heads or something). This triggers higher heart rate and then Frank spots Jack and Jack is a beacon of safety. I’m sure at this point Frank’s heart rate calms down. It could make him feel like they were instant friends.

Now, you might feel like I don’t like this book based off this description. On the contrary, I very much like this. Anything that shows “monsters” and what kind of “monsters” humans can be in the same light is very appealing to me. I really like Frank’s character, and I hope it works out for him. I can’t help feeling it won’t though.

Frank doesn’t set out to intentionally harm people. He even runs away when the city people attack him and call him names. But Jack shows him kindness while dissecting women and makes sure Frank is well cared for when he goes out to hunt new victims. So I ask you again: who really is the monster?

Verdict: 8/10