Advance Review: “Lazarus #8” Where Is This Going?

Lazarus #8 Rucka, Lark, Arcas Image Comics Release Date: April 23, 2014 $2.99
“Lazarus #8”
Rucka, Lark, Arcas
Image Comics
Release Date: April 23, 2014

With issue #8 I realize I have mixed feelings about Lazarus. There are times when I’m intensely interested and care to find out what is going to happen. I want to know who is causing inner turmoil in the Carlyle family and who is sending messages to Forever. The problem is, as soon as I’m getting hooked into the story, the story widens. More layers are added but nothing is getting answered. I’m interested in the layers, and I want to know more of the story, but it makes me wonder if I’m ever going to get answers and how this will eventually wrap up.

This issue is similar, I get no answers but I get a little bit of information about what could be a subplot (the terrorists you’ll remember from issue #7) or it could be apart of the main story. I just can’t tell because I’m not getting enough info. I can’t even tell if the terrorists are a main or sub-story line.

Also in this issue we’re seeing more flashbacks of Forever as a child. I’m not sure what this holds. Is it showing me that her dad actually cares? Am I supposed to care more for Forever? I just don’t know.

One really good part of this book is that we see more with the Joe and Bobbie, the waste whose farm was wiped out, and now they’re traveling towards a Carlyle compound. We see that Michael has sought after skills and Casey is getting friendly with the various people on the convoy. My prediction is she’s going to be playing a big role pretty soon.

Before I finish, I just have to mention the art again. I just love it. It’s so gritty and fitting for the story. And that propaganda cover! Amazing.


4/10: Just because I have no idea where this is going and it is getting slightly frustrating.

  • Maybe show a little patience and allow the story to unfold and in time the various threads will be answered. We are eight issues into what is going to be a long story.

    Read any long ongoing and you’ll never get everything answered. I respect your opinion but a 4/10 because you don’t know everything yet is a terrible review i am sorry.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way but I think often times, especially in a serialization authors get off track or try to do too much all at once. If I sat down and read this all together I would be very discouraged by the time I got to #8 because it would feel slow.

      I really like this series. I wasn’t giving the entire series a 4/10, just this issue. The reason why it got this rating is because I’m worried it’s going to fizzle out if it doesn’t tighten up. This issue demonstrated how it’s not tightening up yet.

      I’m sorry you thought my review was terrible, but it’s just one opinion.

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  • Mars477

    A terrorist carries a bomb in the middle of hundreds of thousands of desperate and hungry people. The protector of a family of peasants in that convoy meets him face to face. And meanwhile, the leader of the state’s security forces sets off to Denver to prevent this terrorist from carrying out his plan.

    “I don’t know where this is going!”

    You would call this “Rising Action”.