ADVANCE REVIEW: Kim & Kim #2, True-To-Life Friendship and a Spaceship

Writer: Magdalene Visaggio Art: Eva Cabrera Colors: Claudia Aguirre Cover: Devaki Neogi
Writer: Magdalene Visaggio
Art: Eva Cabrera
Colors: Claudia Aguirre
Cover: Devaki Neogi

I really enjoyed Kim & Kim #2. I somehow managed to drag out the reading of this snappy book to two days, and I enjoyed every page written by Magdalene Visaggio.

What can’t be said about Kim and Kim? A duo of adventurous gals are out to help a slightly mysterious squid-boy, Tom. I say slightly mysterious because in this issue, little is said about his quest home beyond it’s importance to immediate tasks at hand (I imagine there’s more exposition in the first issue, which I’ll be getting a hold of as soon as I finish this review). The only way to help their friend is to travel, across time and space (and a city at the bottom of an ocean full of slightly hallucinogenic chemicals) utilizing an amphibious van-turned-spaceship. The plot revolves around their quest to find the elusive Lady Babylon, who is the key, apparently, to getting Tom home. I will likely have to read issue one to determine how exactly this all fits together, but I’m very excited to pick it up, catch up, and keep up with these characters.

Kim and Kim are two badass women with a great style to them. Both to the characters themselves have emulatable style (pink hair and leather jackets seem to be wardrobe staples) and the drawing style by artist Eva Cabrera (and colors by Claudia Aguirre) is great. The art style is somewhere between comic and manga, with mostly simple backgrounds. This really allows us to focus on the characters, who I loved right out of the gate. The first Kim, pink haired Kim, is introduced fighting, literally. The second Kim is first shown crafting a joint while she has a plot-furthering discussion with Tom outside. The Kims are clearly best friends, one particular panel I loved has them communicating with just a look, in a way that I could relate to as how I interact with my friends. These characters feel very real, and the writing and art style are great at conveying their relationships and emotions. I think that, more than anything, is what will keep me reading Kim and Kim.

As an aside, drug warning, it is implied that Kim is smoking pot, and that it is illegal in this universe, so I would not call this a kid-friendly comic, despite the bright colors and tough-girl storyline. There’s also cigarette use, and, as mentioned, violence in the form of fighting (both hand-to-hand and guitar-to-sandworm).

I love the irreverent humor and attitude to the comic, again these seem like real people, at least like real people I know. Not only are the characters funny, the slight moments of self-awareness sprinkled throughout the book are genuinely laugh-out-loud funny.

To sum up, I would not hesitate to recommend Kim and Kim #2 for any lovers of sci-fi, or tough girl protagonists. It’s a solid issue with a lot to look at, real-feeling characters, and a rich world. I know I’ll be picking up further issues.

Kim & Kim #2 will be in stores on August 31st.

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