Advance Review: “Deadly Class #3” Another Good Installment, Despite how much The Smiths Suck

(w) Rick Remender (a) Wes Craig (p) Image Comics $3.50
(w) Rick Remender
(a) Wes Craig
(p) Image Comics

Okay…What!? Once again I would like to say that the art is great and the cell layouts really do justice to that great art. Having said that, what is going on with the story!? Let me take you through my thoughts (in order) while I read this issue:

Sweet new deadly class
Nice colors and good text balance
scratch that…wordy…whiny
People really listen to The Smiths!!?! What kind of killer listens to that?
Blah, Blah, Blah, The Smiths suck.
Ok, humanity and vulnerability.
WHAT THE *%&$!?!?

That was the journey through this comic. Honestly it’s so worth reading for the premise alone. The main character will keep you guessing though, so I am really waiting for the next issue to come out and this story to show me where it’s going. Another good installment. Still, issue #1 is still the best.

B+. B is for blah, blah, blah which is all I think when The Smiths play. Seriously, no more.


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