ADVANCE REVIEW: “Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #2”

Writers: Kent Osborne & Dylan Haggerty

Artist: Mad Rupert


Publisher: Kaboom!

ADVANCE REVIEW: "Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #2"
(w) Kent Osborne & Dylan Haggerty (a) Mad Rupert $3.99 Publisher: Kaboom!

Adventure Time never disappoints me. There is always something unexpected. Princess Bubblegum’s orders to have non-bananas join the academy was certainly unexpected. And we followed Captain Root Beer Guy as he learned more about the citizens of Candy Kingdom and their desire to be part of the Banana Guard. Tree Trunks had wanted to join for years and even made a hat out of an old tin can to wear. Mr. Cupcake wanted to join so that he could once again be with the one he loved. Everyone had their own unique reason for wanting to join. Even Peppermint Butler left Princess Bubblegum’s side in order to join the ranks of the Banana Guard.

We see that everyone has arrived at the academy for their first day. Once they begin their orientation they have to fill out a questionnaire that is clearly the work of Princess Bubblegum, due to the mention of radishes. In the last issue she couldn’t sleep and needed radishes, but the kitchen had none. She was informed that the Banana Guard ate all the radishes, leading to her opening up the academy to non-bananas. We get to see the answers to four of the new recruits’ questionnaire. Clearly Peppermint Butler has a weird fixation on basements in this issue. The Captain, displeased with their responses has no choice but to let them continue on with training. Based on his reaction to this whole ordeal I think it’s safe to assume that Princess Bubblegum didn’t tell him why they were allowed to join and unable to be dismissed.

Despite all the crazy antics, Kent Osborne and Dylan Haggarty managed to get a good message in this story. This issue could easily be used as a way for parents and their children to discuss bullying, how everyone is unique, and about working hard for the things you want in life. Osborne and Haggerty got the point across that everyone has talents and sometimes they just need to be reminded of that and encouraged. In reality that’s not a bad message for adults either. We’re just as guilty when it comes to these things.

Mad Rupert’s art is always fun and vibrant. He has a talent when it comes facial expressions that give us an idea of their emotions. I can’t imagine that’s easy to do with living food. The appearances of the bananas are varied, which I like since there are so many of them. I have one question though: why do the female bananas have breasts? They found other ways to let us know the gender of a character, so why was this the method of choice for bananas? It’s the only thing that bothers me about this book. It distracted me as an adult and this is a book directed at kids. I know they see breasts in everyday life, but not on food. This is probably the only time I will say that something is ridiculous in Adventure Time in a negative way.


I was a little surprised that there wasn’t a mini-story or two at the end of this issue; I’ve become so accustomed to it at the end of the Adventure Time comics. At the end of the day, I loved this issue and will continue to recommend it to young readers. The story is fun and has a good message behind it. Despite the perceived weirdness of Adventure Time and the struggles the characters face, they can always be related to things that happen in real life. Friendship always seems to be a key element in the show and the comic even if it doesn’t seem to make sense. Of course, I’m looking forward to seeing what happens next at the Banana Guard Academy.

“Adventure Time: Banana Guard Academy #2” earns  8 / 10

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