Aaron & Latour’s SOUTHERN BASTARDS Slated for Development at FX

The comic book industry continues to reshape the television landscape, and now it’s Jason Aaron’s turn. The noted comic book scribe, whose pen already shapes the adventures of Thor and Star Wars, will see his signature independent comic book series Southern Bastards head to the small screen very soon.

Scott Rudin
Producer Scott Rudin will be shepherding SOUTHERN BASTARDS to FX

Deadline is reporting that producer Scott Rudin, as a part of a three-project package to launch his west-coast office, has acquired the television rights to the highly regarded Image Comics series and intends to develop the series for Fox’s FX cable outlet. The same network which produced Sons of Anarchy and Justified seems like a perfect fit for Aaron’s deep-fried, bloody tale of crime and corruption in the small-town South.

Southern Bastards debuted in April of 2014 at #50 on the Diamond Comic Distributor sales charts and has seen strong month-to-month sales and good results in trade, not to mention it’s extremely high critical acclaim.


It is still very early in the process, so it will be a while before casting announcements start to flow, as the series still has to select a show-runner and move through the lengthy pre-production process at FX before rolling. One ancillary effect is that prices on back issues of Southern Bastards are sure to start climbing, and the sort of television viewers who like to be “in the know” are sure to start snapping up the very reasonably-priced trades from Image.

Will you be tuning in to Southern Bastards when it makes its way to FX? Let us know in the comments!

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