Cyberforce Relaunch Falls Short: Reviews of Cyberforce #1, #2, and #3

IMG120410Late last year as part of Image’s Top Cow Rebirth initiative they relaunched Cyberforce through the popular crowd-funding website KickStarter. Cyberforce is about a team of cybernetically enhanced mutants that fight the evil corporation known as Cyberdata. The latest series is apparently the fourth volume in 2006’s reboot. The idea of the KickStarter was to provided the first five issues of the title for free. To be honest I hadn’t read any Cyberforce comic at this point, so when I heard about the project I wasn’t too interested. The thing that sold me though was the idea of trying to promote going to the comic shop on a regular basis. This is something I love to do and is sadly becoming more and more unnecessary. That, and since they were going to be giving the issues away for free anyway, I was almost assuredly going to pick them up.

The current story arc follow a young punk girl that has run away from her rich, overbearing, and apparently evil family. She is being perused by what appears to be golden robot dragon-men known as S.H.O.C.s (which stands for Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg). When they finally catch up with her in the midst of a crowd, they disperse some sort of alter-perception device to disguise themselves as police officers. Apparently in this universe golden robots beating up a teenage girl is shocking, but police officers doing it is completely acceptable. The S.H.O.C.s are then ordered to fire upon the crowd and to ensure there are no survivors. Luckily everyone is saved at the last minute by a hooded hero with similar golden armor and a cool Kano-style eye patch. Enter the first of the Cyberforce! Our hero decides to take the girl back to his base camp where we are introduced to the rest of the team. We also find out that she is looking for someone named, Stryker. Who I assume is incredibly important based on every reaction we see to the very mention of his name.

Overall the book is decent especially for the price. The art is clean and some of the science fiction style backgrounds are just jaw-dropping. The harshest thing I can say about the art in the book is that it is inconsistent. However, the actual story has a feel of an Image book from twenty years ago. The pacing isn’t too bad, and I have to admit that at times the futuristic setting really started to draw me in. However the character interactions and the battle sequences remind me of a cheesy action movie. The characters are unnecessarily overdramatic and are usually either yelling at each other or are incredibly shocked by some vague things someone has said. It could simply be that this book is intended for a younger audience, but my overall impression wasn’t very positive. That being said the first five issues are free, so you might as well pick it up anyway.

TL;DR: Cyberforce relaunched through a KickStarter project. Wasn’t great, but it’s free so check it out.