COMMENTARY: 5 Reasons why Carol Danvers Deserves the next Super-Hero Movie

Recently Marvel studios head Kevin Feige said that he would like to see Carol Danvers get the next movie. And you know what? I agree. I agree so much that I had to compose a list of the top five reasons why she should get her own movie.

1. No other female character would work better

I mean let’s look at the options. Black Widow wouldn’t work because she works best in tandem with other characters like Nick Fury. Knowing Hollywood, she would end up the tail end of some man’s story, and we want a woman to have her own movie. Plus she doesn’t have any superpowers which might lead to her main skill set (namely seducing men and killing fools) to make the movie a little too R rated. Spider-Woman Jessica Drew might be cool, but I doubt that Marvel Studios wants to go to battle with Sony over her partial connections to Spider-Man. Especially after the issues they had getting the rights to use Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver from 20th Century Fox. The Fantastic Four and X-Men have strong women to choose from, but again the studio doesn’t exactly have the rights to them. Let’s just be honest here; empowered women in comics are kind of an issue. Fact is, Marvel doesn’t have their version of Wonder Woman, a central powerful woman who is also very popular in her own right. But using the brand name of Marvel for Captain Marvel might elevate the character to Marvel’s version of Wonder Woman.

2. It would mess with DC!

These two companies have love and lost and everyone knows that DC is going to have to reboot the atrocious Green Lantern movie someday if they want to make the Justice League movie. So they are going to have to differentiate their brash, fighter pilot who’s given cosmic superpowers from Marvel’s brash fighter pilot who’s given cosmic superpowers but is also a woman! Plus she has the Marvel name so if DC ever want to make their Captain Marvel movie they are going to have to call him Shazam or something stupid like that.

3. It would connect the Marvel cinematic universe to the Kirby-verse

As a matter of personal opinion, I love the contributions Jack Kirby made to both Marvel and DC. No one defined how the cosmos looks in comics more than that man. The Celestials, The Watcher, The Inhumans: the man set up an entire universe surrounding our little bubble of earth. Thor had moments which touched upon that wealth of imagination, and we’ll see if Guardians of the Galaxy holds up to expectations. But even if Guardians works Captain Marvel is one of the few characters who works both as a cosmic entity and a traditional earthling.

4. She’s a legacy character

At first I thought this was a negative for her but the more I dwell on it the more I think its a good thing. Carol has a complex back story involving another Captain Marvel (named Mar-Vell because comics can be stupid), but she can act as a jumping off point into interesting things like the entire concept of the Kree in the Marvel U. And skipping the original Captain Marvel might not be such a bad idea considering he basically existed in a pissing match with DC over who owned the right to the Captain Marvel name. I mean, its not like Mar-Vell died because he was a super popular character who everyone loved, so skipping him and getting some legacy stories might be interesting.

5. Carol Danvers is just straight-up awesome

Now thus far I’ve focused on financial or historical reasons why Captain Marvel deserves the next movie, but you know what? This character is just plain awesome on her own right. She’s an interesting character with a lot of personality and has one of the cooler power sets out there. In the Marvel U she’s one of the few people I could see standing shoulder to shoulder with Thor and Iron Man and The Hulk. There is a reason she’s been a staple of the Avengers for so long. Plus, she’s a white blonde woman. Casting her could be one of the easiest decisions in the world. We could even get Jessica Biel

…nuff said.

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