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Kit is a fox… or rather was a fox.  After being hit by a senile witch’s spell, the fox-turned-human-but-still-has-a-tail goes looking for adventure, joining up with an elven wanderer, a Kaderrian mercenary, a cursed prince, and a mage-turned-goat.  Looking for treasure and relics, they wander the Seven Kingdoms, getting into trouble, and barely getting escaping.  Until they stumble across a mage attempting to reopen the Lost Gateway.  Two hundred years ago, the Kingdoms were at war with the Strangers, but thanks to a mysterious spirit known as Sylphe, the war ended, though the Kingdoms never healed.  Now, someone’s trying to start the war up again, using the remnants of Sylphe’s power.  It’s up to Kit and Co. to stop the threat from disrupting the Song and ending the Seven Kingdoms.

Escaping from trouble
Escaping from trouble

Nicole Chartrand, the writer and artist, began the comic in 2009.  The prologue simply and effectively establishes the main storyline while giving enough hints of the back story to help the reader understand the plot.  The first two chapters are slightly silly in tone, a prime example being when one character comments on a villain who “overdoes the sinister schtick.”  By chapter three there is less visual gags and comedic meta-commentary, though humor is still part of the story.  Though there is less detail in their lives and personal histories, the characters play off each other very well and come across as fully fledged.

The art is simple in design, with focus being on characters and their adventures, versus background and visual minutiae.  While often drawn in natural proportions, Chartrand will sometimes use the “chibi-style” to denote comedic situations.  Her coloring, lines, and shadows blend well together, allowing for a range of soft ambiance to stark contrasting landscapes, giving each setting an individual air.

An idealize setting for the elven homeland
An idealize setting for the elven homeland


Set in an alternative fantasy universe, the comic does not focus on subjects such as feminism and equality, as those ideals are taken for granted.  Two main characters, Kit and Larina, the elf, are female and share leadership with the mercenary, Nigel.  The other characters, male, are more often the followers but do have special abilities used equally in the group.  The group and social dynamics of the Seven Kingdoms lies mainly in ability and merit, allowing for a good traditional adventure story with modern appeals.

Fey Winds updates weekly, and shows no signs of ending soon.  You can read about Kit and her friends at FeyWinds.com.

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