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A roommate is a person who occupies the same house or apartment to help pay the rent.  A roomie is a roommate you feel close to, such as a friend or sibling.  But if you meet a young woman calling herself Roomie, you might get more than you bargained for.

Lillian meets Roomie
Lillian meets Roomie

Roomie is a girl who enjoys beer, sex, and  inserting herself into people’s lives, be they interested or not, bringing her cheerful chaos into the mix.  She wanders from house to house, happily partaking in life, as any free-spirit would.  Until after a night of drinking at Jo’s Bar lands her in bed (in the platonic sense) with Lillian, a sleep-addict who can’t stand cheerful people.  Unused to Roomie’s care-free ways, Lillian tries to kick her unwanted roommate out, but slowly finds herself drawn into a world with strange yet happy people.  With the help of Roomie, Lillian finds friends in twins Richard and Ramona, the WOC, and everyone else who live at Jo’s Bar (much to his annoyance), realizing that forced isolation is never good, even if preferable to the real world.  As for Roomie, she finds herself realizing its just fine to grow close enough to a person to love them, despite it being the last person you’d expect.

Chloé C., the writer, artist, and creator of Go Get a Roomie! has drawn a world that takes place in everyone’s backyard.  The story at first starts out fairly simple:  a care-free hippie wanders around, enjoying all life has to offer.  Then, it takes a slightly serious turn, when Lillian and Roomie meet.  While still upbeat overall, Chloé often tackles larger issues at hand, such as the right to own one’s body, recognizing fringe groups and their beliefs, LGBTQA topics, family dynamics, and which beer is the best.  Uniquely, the characters are the ones driving the questions, best exemplified when one character, Matt, starts a podcast addressing and explaining the different character’s personalities and quirks.  In GGaR, Chloé allows Roomie and her pals to naturally seek out and build communities and family units, no matter how odd or crazy.

The owner of Jo's Bar in his element
The owner of Jo’s Bar in his element

The artwork has changed considerably since the beginning.  The first strip is black and white ink drawings, with minimal filling and shading, progressing over multiple styles, each time becoming more realistic in detail and proportion.  It’s fair to say the artwork matches the story line; in the beginning it was a gag-style comic about a girl who enjoys drinking and sex, and now matches the story of a group of friends going through life and creating stronger bonds with each other.  There is nudity, partial and full, as well as sex and heavy petting scenes, earning a NSFW rating.

Go Get A Roomie has evolved over time from a funny gag strip to a comic tackling multiple issues, with relatable and lovable characters who continually grow and evolve.  The comic updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  You can read the story at GoGetaRoomie.com.

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