Be sure to take care if you travel on ‘Black Road’

Image has officially slotted the Viking epic Black Road from creative team Brian WoodGary Brown, and Dave McCaig for a April 13th release. The series was first announced at last year’s Image Expo, and promises a story of death as our hero, Magnus the Black, ventures to the Northern most point of Norway to kill the men responsible for the death of a ranking official that died under his care.

unnamedDuring the launch of the series at last year’s expo, Wood described Magnus as “a skeptic of the highest sort but operating with a very strong personal moral code. He’s suffered tremendously in his life, but keeps moving forward, keeps pushing on like an inexorable force of nature.”

Black Road will be Wood’s second venture into the Viking era, following the fan-favourite series Northlanders. When describing the new series in the official press release, he said “With Northlanders I went strictly historical, but here we’re creating this almost heightened take on the Viking times, where Christian conversion was more like a military occupation, with churches dotting the landscape like green zones and there’s this highway of death heading forever northwards…. this is the Black Road. Anything, and everything, can happen on the cold road north.”

Artist Gary Brown said “It’s been a thrill to work on the book”, before adding Drawing the environments and characters has been really rewarding. Plus working with Brian on a grim Viking book has been excellent. I’m excited for it to hit the stands.”

Black Road is set to hit the shelves on April 13th.

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