New ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer is cinematic lunacy at its finest

Earlier this week, a slew of new posters for the up-coming Suicide Squad movie were released. The posters gave a brief insight into the mentality of the characters set to appear on the big screen come August 5th. To further the film’s momentum, Warner Brothers has released a new trailer, showing the lunacy our merry band of lost souls are set to offer in their cinematic debut.

Warner Brothers is hoping that 2016 will revive their DC Extended Universe, which has laid dormant since 2013’s Man of Steel. 2016 will likely make or break Warner Brothers confidence in their comic book universe, with juggernaut Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice hoping to set the bar high with its March 25th release. Suicide Squad is their first attempt at launching a new title since 2011’s flop Green Lantern, so it is likely that if the film fails to register with audiences that the studio will be unwilling to take any more major risks with their comic book titles.

Suicide Squad reunites Margot Robbie and Will Smith, which starred together in 2015’s Focus. It also stars Joel Kinneman, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Jared Leto, Cara Delevinge, and Ben Affleck. Helming the project, is writer/director David Ayer.

The movie hits cinemas worldwide in August, with a domestic debut on August 5th.

Kristian Solberg

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