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Peritale is the story of a fairy named Periwinkle who wants to be a fairy godmother.  But the path to fairy godmotherhood is a tough one:  rigorous academics, extreme physical training, stress-ridden workloads, and a meticulous knowledge of magic.  And Periwinkle knows she has it in the bag… except for the magic.  As the only known fairy in existence to never develop the ability to wield magic, most members of the community assume her destiny is a dusty corner, ignored and forgotten.  However, where she lacks in magic, Periwinkle makes up for with relentless determination.  Refusing to give up, she uses every trick in the book to achieve her dream.  But when Fairy Tales require a magical solution, how can a magic-less Fairy Godmother save the day?  Periwinkle isn’t sure, but she’s not afraid to find out.

Our hero and her stats.
Our hero and her stats.

Peritale is written and drawn by Mari Costa.  She has drawn and self-published comics since 2013, starting with her magic-girl crime fighting Super★Mahou and followed by The Well by the House on the Hill.  Though generally no more than several chapters, Costa’s comics play out very well, allowing the reader to focus in the moment on one story.  Unlike longer plots, short stories give quick entertainment, be it tragic, scary, or comedic.  Combined with her signature imagery, Costa’s characters get right to the point, while building enough suspense to bring the plot climax to a wonderful resolution.  Peritale is looking to become one of her longer comics, which often run five to seven chapters.  Her art is a delightful combination of round and angular lines, lending a whimsical air to all her stories, be they romantic or horror.  She uses vivid colors for her worlds, creating a cartoon feel to her stories, but the cartoon aspect strengthens the comic, as it disarms the reader when a character reveals their motive.

The Well by the House on the Hill
The Well by the House on the Hill

While the Peritale characters are not fully fleshed out just yet, her previous creations run the gamut of all human combinations:  sexual orientation, skin color, gender, and age.  Some characters dress in their visible gender roles, and some choose different identities, but all present as people, not stereotypes.  When Costa writes a story, she tells an old tale with unique perspectives, allowing anyone to relate with the characters.

Peritale is a child-friendly comic for all ages, but her previous comics do have a mature slant, although violence is more implied than explicit.  For parents wishing to ease their children into the internet, Peritale is a good fit, as well for adults who love reading about fairies and magic.

You can read Periwinkle’s adventures at Peritale.com.  Visit MariComics.com for Costa’s other comics.

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