#WithWonderWoman: Wonder Woman Named Honorary UN Ambassador

The biggest news in Wonder Woman right now is, surprisingly, not her 75th anniversary.  Something much better takes the honor:  The UN has named her an Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.  Guests at the ceremony Lynda Carter, Gal Gadot, DC Entertainment president Diane Nelson, and Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

At the ceremony, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, Cristina Gallach, stated:

“While the world has achieved progress towards gender equality, in many parts of the world, women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence. Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but also a foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. […] Wonder Woman will be another valuable partner for us to achieve such a world by inspiring her millions of fans worldwide to stand up for gender equality.”

In recognition of this, DC will partner with the UN to release a comic in the UN’s six official languages.  It will focus on “Wonder Woman carrying forth the positive message of empowering women and girls.”

Lynda Carter said it best at the ceremony when she told the crowd:

“The greatest honor and responsibility of playing Wonder Woman was serving as a role model for fans around the world, particularly girls. I’ve seen first-hand how a powerful yet compassionate superhero can inspire women to believe in themselves and men to support equality.”

Wonder Woman reaches her 75th anniversary today.  Seeing it marked with further commitment to the character’s purpose and roots is extremely powerful.

Further, this year, young girls all over the world will dress up as Wonder Woman for Halloween.  Knowing that these little girls want to be like a character who is so utterly for them means everything.

Interested in the new Ambassador’s current exploits?  Wonder Woman currently appears in her solo title, penned by Greg Rucka.  Next year, Gal Gadot will star as her in a major motion picture directed by Patty Jenkins.  Both works are titled Wonder Woman.

(source: Official DC press release)


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