Right-Wing Activists Reportedly Invested in Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman movie may have had a very strange set of investors

Recent news suggests that the Wonder Woman movie may have received significant investment from David and Charles Koch. According to reports by THR, the right-wing political activists may have invested in the film.

One of the major investors in Warner Brothers films as well as the DCEU is the RatPac-Dune Entertainment. The person running the organization is Superman Returns director Brett Ratner. It seems like the Koch brothers may be investors in that company. While the Kochs as well as RatPac refused to confirm or deny the investment, current Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin for President Donald Trump was a film investor in his previous life.

Given Wonder Woman’s position as an icon of the modern feminist movement, receiving funding from such a conservative source could prove problematic for some fans.

According to Forbes, the Koch brothers have supported right wing politicians and political movements like the Tea Party. The duo have also tried to push legislation which defund Planned Parenthood as well as causes which are popular with social conservatives.

The DCEU has had a lot of trouble getting out of the gate with many fans taking issue with the dark tone. Wonder Woman was seen by movie goers and comic book fans as the savior of the DC Cinematic Universe. With the current trend towards “voting with your wallet”, news of the Kochs’ connection to the project could create a problem moving forward.

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