United Nations Declares ‘Wonder Woman Day’ for Oct. 21?

According to an exclusive interview with Lynda Carter in Closer Weekly, Wonder Woman fans have something to look forward to later this month.  The magazine makes an offhand comment about the U.N. declaring October 21 Wonder Woman Day.  It also claims that Lynda Carter will attend a ceremony at the U.N. headquarters in New York on that date.

So far, I cannot find independent verification of these facts.  The U.N. website does not return any search results containing either ‘Lynda Carter’ or relevant results for ‘Wonder Woman.’  Additionally, neither Ms. Carter’s Facebook nor any of the U.N.’s social media acknowledge the claim.  However, Ms. Carter’s Twitter does acknowledge the Closer Weekly interview in two sequential tweets:

“#Thankyou @closerweekly!  https://twitter.com/IlyssaPanitz/status/782589361867067394” (source)

“Happy #75th #WonderWoman! https://twitter.com/closerweekly/status/781637185166569472” (source)

So the interview itself definitely has validity.  We’ll see if we get confirmation of ‘Wonder Woman Day’ sometime in the next couple of weeks.

If October 21st is Wonder Woman Day, though, I will be the first to celebrate.  No one can deny the huge cultural impact of Wonder Woman, seventy-five years after she first debuted.  As the iconic female (and, considering Greg Rucka’s current run and recent interview, iconic LGBT) superhero, if any fictional character deserves this honor, she does.


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