#whoisfurious Press Conference

furio_press_con_teaserEarlier tonight, Dark Horse Comics hosted a Press Conference with the fictional character from their upcoming original title, Furious. Part PR campaign and equal parts insight into her character and an exercise in roleplaying. It was also a creative way to debut an arch-nemesis for our titular character. However you see it, this is truly an interesting approach for a book that examines dissemination of information and celebrity in the age of social media.

We had the good fortune to get in the first question; what follows is a selection of the press conference with link-backs to the original askers. Enjoy, and be sure to check out this book on Wednesday January 29; if you can’t wait that long tune back in for our Furious Advanced Review tomorrow and check out Thom’s interview with creator Bryan J.L. Glass from the Baltimore Comic-Con!

Furious Press Conference

 Thom O. for @CapelessCrusade pardon me being so brash but just WHO is Furious? #whoisfurious
 I would say I’m your average girl trying to make it in the big bad world
 oh come now Ms. F; you know I meant more along the lines of an identity!
 I’m pretty and witty, And that’s about as close to me as you’re going to get! 😀

 @BRIANMBENDIS asks: How many rumors about you are actually true?
Not sure to which rumors you’re referring to exactly, There have been some news reports of excessive justice… But can’t that be said of any law-enforcement? I do the best I can, and I’m taking care of the bad guys!

 Mike from @CapelessCrusade. What are your thoughts on lasagna?
I’m layered that way! 😀
 How do you feel about the idea of duty / obligation as a superhero?
 I take duty/responsibility VERY seriously. I wouldn’t go this far if I didn’t.
 A follow up; how far is too FAR? Do u have a line b/c the media’s 1st impression was not that positive!
I’m not out to hurt anybody Thom & Mike! The MEDIA exploits everything out of proportion

What is the worst trait in human behavior? Is that worth defending?
Never betray the ones who love you, @MikeSains I will fight against that until my last breath.

 Backwardscompatible ‏Are you trying to prove a point with your crime fighting? and if so to who?
 I’m trying to do the right thing, @BackwardsCom Isn’t that what we should all be trying to do? I can just do it cooler than U

Pullbox Myke ‏ Aren’t the authorities trained so they don’t overdo it? What makes you think you’re too good for that?
 I can fly!
Did you ever think maybe it’s not the media seeing things wrong, “Beacon”?

How do you view the media?
I an NOT a fan of the MEDIA. Waiting for some Paparazzi to get a little too close. Accidents can happen! 

 J Tolopilo ‏is anger always a bad thing?
 No, @crowsareblack Sometimes we need anger to survive. But to learn to master it or else it’ll get you killed. #stillstanding

 Your take on pop-culture for a moment; what do you think of the latest Candece Lark tabloid rumors?!
 She should just buy an island somewhere with all her money and stay out of the public limelight.

 Comic Book Legends ‏Hey, @FURIOUScomic, CBL here. Let’s say a supervillain plans to bring the Moon crashing to Earth. What will you do?
 Thankfully, @ComicBkLegends we don’t actually have any real supervillains in our world do we? Hoping I’m a fluke!!!

Considering the times we live in, have you given much thought to how the Government might feel about you?
 I might not tell anybody who I really am, but I’m a citizen of the United States, We have laws and the Constitution
Yes, but you are unsanctioned, untrained & overall a klutz; what gives you the right to operate outside law?
(@FURIOUScomic declined to respond)

 Jim Zub ‏ Do you see this as a career or as some sort of spiritual calling? What’s your inspiration?
 What I do is extremely important to me, @JimZub I wake up every day hoping I to be a better person than I was. I think we should all try to do just that, superpowers or no!

 Moms Read Comics ‏Labeled the world’s first superhero, do you think @FURIOUScomic will have more rage filled superhumans join the cause?
 I am not “filled with rage” @charmingred That’s the one aspect of the promo campaign that has me upset with @DarkHorseComics #WhoIsFurious
Yet, inside sources claim they’ve heard you call your powers your rage & yourself a villain! Do you deny this?
 I’m not denying anything! If it’s a media source, @charmingred then don’t believe them. I’ve learned anybody can get on the internet and say anything
What about accusations of mental disorders? Trauma? Burrito addictions? The people have a right to know!
Never said media source… Do you know if you’re identity is truly safe with @DarkHorseComics ?
 I trust them, @charmingred @DarkHorseComics We all have to trust someone before its over.

 How do you deal with the trauma that you endure and the trauma that you can potentially cause?
 Am learning to cope, @MikeSains I’m very sorry for those that have been hospitalized. But when you consider what each was doing 

Perfidia ‏Why won’t you tell them the truth?
 @PERFIDIA_knowz Excuse me?
Why won’t you tell them the truth?
 To what truth specifically are you referring,
You know.
 I’ve done many things in my life, even before I was a superhero, that I’m not proud of.
Tell them the TRUTH.
Tell them about your long lost daddy.
You thought it was kinda funny when it happened.
Don’t you remember laughing when you first heard the news that dear old daddy had left this world?
 How close are we to ending this?
Took you 3 dayz to muster up the courage to be seen in public again.
3 days to conjure up some crocodile tears for the predictable media meltdown.
 Who the hell are you and what do you want?
That ought to get some eager newshounds scrambling through their media archives!
 ‘OK. You think you have something to say—SAY IT! Let everybody read how ridiculous you are.
Not me, baby. I’M not the one who’z crazy.
 You want to see crazy?Get out there & do something to get my attention.You’ll see just how crazy I can get.
Sounds like somebody hit a little too close to the mark.
 LADIES! Are we doing a WCW audition or a press conference?
 You want to tell the world your big news—then say it to ME! Tell my DAMN FIST what you think is so clever!
Not me, little Songbird. YOU!
Tell them the TRUTH before I make you do it!
 This is over.
The @FuriousComic Press Conference is now officially over! Thanks to everyone who participated!

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